Monday, March 31, 2008

Comfort for your feet!

So, having FM has changed my thinking on comfort vs. fashion. Suddenly comfort is much much more important. I'm not going to be walking around in a sweat suit or anything but I'm definitely more in tune to what feels good on my skin and especially on my feet! When I first saw people wearing Crocs footwear I though, "no way, those are hideous, why would anyone wear them." Then I saw a friend (who happens to also have FM) wearing Crocs mary janes like these

They weren't too bad...maybe I could try a pair like that. I mentioned it to my husband and next thing I know a pair of black mary janes shows up in the mail! I put them on and I was instantly in love!

Not only does the FM give me pain in my legs and back but I have high arches and weak ankles so comfortable shoes are hard to find. I usually go for the chunky heeled look that supports my arch and just hope I don't turn an ankle (I do on a regular basis). I also hate to wear socks and any kind of shoe that feels constricting.

These shoes are so light and airy its almost as good as being barefoot. (The closest I've found yet). They are supportive in a way that lessens the pain in my back and also are comfortable for my feet and not so high that I turn my ankles. They have nubs on the inside of the sole that they say stimulates circulation, I'm not going to make a claim to that but if nothing else they give a nice little foot massage when you are walking.

I highly recommend a pair of crocs to everyone but especially to those with FM and especially if the pain is in your legs, feet and/or back! There are many styles and colors, something for everyone. You can see them all here.

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