Saturday, March 29, 2008

About our preschool at home

One of the topics I will post about on this blog is the preschool activities that I use with my daughter at home and her progress and the success or lack thereof of the things I try. This will include product and book recommendations, helpful links and activity ideas as well as how I organize her learning. I am a firm believer in learning through play. Some direct teaching can be beneficial but the child's temperment, attention span and learning styles should be taken into consideration in deciding what activities to use, how to present them, how long they should last etc. A balance should be achieved between active and quiet time, child and parent directed learning, direct teaching and free play and all activities should fit into the child's natural attention span and end before the child becomes restless. Forcing a child to do an activity is useless and will result in the child resisting and dreading the things you have planed for him/her.

My main goal is to provide a framework for my child to achieve the next level of her development in a fun and exciting way. I want her to learn how to learn through questions and discovery as well as through my direction and her practice. I will build upon the skills she has by introducing a skill slightly harder then what she is currently doing and patiently repeating and reinforcing until she has mastered the next level.

Always follow the child's interests and current skills and use those to move your child to the next level. Remember, all children are different, the things that work for my daughter may not always work for your child but I hope to provide enough information for any parent to successfully and confidently help their child learn and expand to the best of his/her abilities during the preschool years.

My daughter is currently 2 1/2. I will be homeschooling my daughter for kindergarten and first grade at least so I will have several years of information to post about homeschooling here!

Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome!! Remember: HAVE FUN!!!!!

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