Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I will eventually get better at posting here more regularly I promise!!!

I just got finished moving from Texas to upstate New York. My husband returned from a deployment in Iraq, flew to Texas, packed up what I hadn't managed to pack yet in our house. Then we drove to Arkansas and spent three days camping and digging for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds park and digging for crystals at a local crystal mine as well as some other sightseeing and general family time. After three days in Arkansas we drove another 5 hours to my husband's friends house in Tennessee where we spent another three days. We had a great time and the trip was not to bad on my until the last three days.

Three days of driving 7+ hours a day (we were pulling a very full trailer so it slowed us down a bit) was really hard on me. I was aching everywhere when we got here but I tried to keep up.

It seems like since we got here I've been having my worst flair since I got diagnosed. I haven't been able to get out of bed until late in the morning -noon some days. I have had very little energy during the day when I do get moving. Its really hard because I feel like I am not helping enough with the moving in. I had enough energy for quite a bit of unpacking the first two days but the last few have been really BLAH! Luckily my husband is totally understanding and doesn't push me. I just hope this flair passes before he goes back to work and my daughter insists on getting up at 7!

I know this is temporary but it is still frustrating. I am trying to keep my spirits up and conserve and ration my energy....just waiting for better days!!

The next post I'll be sure to include more useful information and less complaining :)!!!

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