Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Better Days

The flair has pretty much passed. I am still careful about my energy and only unpack a little at a time so I don't wear out. We are almost done unpacking so I'm feeling pretty good about how I've done on this move (my first since I've been diagnosed).

We went to the state fair a couple weeks ago and I found an absolutely wonderful device. It is a low frequency device, you apply pads to your body (I use mine mostly on my back) and then hook them to the device and it vibrates on your skin (this is a simplified explanation). It is supposed to stimulate muscles and blood flow and relax the muscles. Its really awesome.

I did a search and found a good price on the set at this link: http://www.painreliefessentials.com/products/rhythmtouch.htm I haven't shopped at this site so I can't tell you anything about their service but its a good price for the set. You can also search for "Rhythm Touch" and find other retailers. The websites explain it better than I can also. All I can say is this has helped ease the pain, relax the muscles and improve my energy. Hope it helps you too!

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