Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Find the positive

I hear so many people complaining about everything. Anywhere I lived there is someone who hates it and refuses to find any good in it. Your attitude is up to you, not your circumstances, you can decide to be happy.

Before I go on let me say I am as guilty as anyone about not making the best of things, especially where we are stationed, I am trying to change this. I am making a conscious decision to find the best in our situation whatever it may be and to be happy wherever we are. I have a husband who adores me and a beautiful daughter, what more could I want? I would encourage all military wives to try to find the best in wherever you are stationed. Find things on base to get involved in. If you can't find anything start something!! Meetup.com has listings for all types of groups and if you don't find something you are interested in you can start something. There are also lots of army wife bulletin boards and websites online just beware of those that contain mostly complainers.

When we complain and are unhappy about where we are it effects our husband's work. They feel like they have failed us somehow and worry about us and cannot concentrate on what they are supposed to be doing whether it be a deployment or training. Our husbands need that energy to do their best at their job so we need to do our best at our job of being a military wife! That means making the best of our situation.

My home is where my husband is!! I will be happy and make the best of all our situations even if it isn't what I had "wanted."

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