Thursday, November 20, 2008

No meds

Ok, so I weened off all meds and have been completely without them for about a week. So far, I can't sleep so I feel like crap during the day. I think if I could sleep I would be fine for the most part. I broke down and took melatonin a couple nights ago, it helped but I am lacking sleep so much that I was still groggy the whole next day. I am persisting though, we will see how I feel in another week. I'm hoping some of it is just withdrawals that will go away!

I am going to get more strict about my sleep hygiene, no caffeine after 5....snack before bed, consistent bedtime. I need to start practicing meditating/visualization again. I used to be really good about it and could get myself to sleep within a few minutes using it but I'm out of practice.

I haven't been using my low frequency massager much lately. For some reason if I use it more then 15 minutes now I get sore later. It didn't do that when I first bought it so not sure what is going on now. Also, it increases circulation so not a good idea before bed. Best in the morning to help me get going.

Moving moving!

Well we are at it again! One of the highlights of the army life (haha) moving!!! We are headed to Savannah GA this time. At least its warmer!! Makes it worth it to me :).

In preparing for this move I've found a great resource, I know it lists all the army installations and I want to say it includes other services as well. Its a great resource, I've found lots of rental houses listed there. You put in your PCS date and installation then you can search based on bedrooms, price and some other factors. You can even save the results you found that you want to look into. I have to say the army really is coming a long way in family support and resources. You will definitely want to remember this resource for your next move!!!


OMG...I'm moving in THREE WEEKS!!! I can't believe I'm moving again-even though I knew it might happen. All in all I'm happy about it. I've heard lots and lots of good things about Savannah and its definitely WARMER-which is a big deal!!! My house is such a mess though....I am so not ready for the movers yet. When am I ever really but there seems like so much to do and I can't sleep because I just lay there and thing about everything I need to do to get ready...then I don't get anything done during the day because I feel like crap because I didn't sleep....ahh the joys of Fibro :P.

Speaking of....I've been completely off all my meds for about a week. It is NOT going well. I suppose it could be worse....but man I really really want a good night sleep! I broke down and took half a melatonin a couple nights ago...helped but didn't restore my sleep habit. Putting myself on strict no caffeine after 5 rule, we'll see if that helps!!!

On another note, I discovered Squidoo this week!!! LOL Like I needed something else to do! Its pretty cool though, because I can make a lens for whatever I happen to be into in the moment then move on to something else when I get bored with that! I think it will suit my ADHD personality just fine!!! you can see my first lens at Its just a simple lens about me to get started but when I get more up you will be able to get to them from there so check it out and then check back!

Ok I think that's about all I have to say today :) now back to not getting anything done!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My painting

Hi all!! I just finished this painting and wanted to share!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rabbit habbits

Oh my gosh!! Sydney's rabbit just peed all over me. YUCK!!! So apparently rabbits have a defense mechanism where they kick their back legs and spray pee everywhere. Its quite disgusting!! She has done it to me once before and done it to Dustin once-always when she doesn't want to be picked up. But this time was the worst by far!! So if you have/get a rabbit beware of getting peed on!!!


You know what AFTB is right? Army Family Team Building. All army posts (should) have an AFTB program and its completely free. There are three levels of classes- but they do not have to be taken in order. These include classes on Army structure, traditions, leadership, personal development and many more. I highly encourage everyone affiliated with the army to check these out. As far as I know all of them also offer free child care while you are taking the class. If for some reason none of the classes offered at your post work for you, you can also take the classes online at Make the most of what the army community offers, one way to do this is to check out these classes!!! Have fun!

Homeschool Lounge

Hi all!! I found a great resource for homeschoolers, its the Homeschool Lounge. You have to create your profile and be accepted by the site owner so it might take a couple days to register but its an awesome community for homeschoolers. They have discussion boards and interest groups for anything you can imagine related to homeschooling. Enjoy!!!

Getting off Meds

So...I've decided to stop taking my medications.....Now the disclaimer: TALK TO YOUR DR BEFORE YOU STOP TAKING RXs!!!!!!!!!! That said, I haven't been able to get in to see a doctor since we moved. After a long talk with my husband last night we decided to give it a try (weening off meds that is)....I'm not going to get into the why of it right now. I wanted to mention this because I will post how it is going on this blog. I only have two RXs related to the FM that I'm currently taking (not including my pain pill which I rarely use) so those are the ones I'm getting off of. I am going to once every other day on my pill for anxiety and if this week goes well I will stop it completely next week. I will be using my low frequency therapy, stress management, excercise, relaxation etc to manage symptoms since I won't be using the meds. Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Do you ever feel so scatterbrained you can't get anything done? Like there are so many things that you need to do and so many thoughts running through your mind but you can't catch one long enough to actually DO anything? I get this feeling sometimes and its paralyzing. I feel overwhelmed, confused and scatter brained but I can't figure out what to do to snap out of it! I'm feeling that way today. I need to write an article, clean the house, start organizing stuff to move, post on my other blogs, work on my website, work on my business map, play with syd....etc etc etc. But all I want to do is go to sleep because I just can't concentrate on anything long enough to actually accomplish anything. Ugghh anybody have any suggestions? Ok I think I'm going to go read now...maybe that will calm me down enough to concentrate.

AHHHH Kids!!!

Man Sydney is pushing her limits lately. She told Dustin this morning "I want this dress you have to go buy it for me right now!" Wow where did she learn that??? She is also starting this fake crying stuff when she wants something or isn't getting what she wants-what's up with that??? I'm not sure where the sweet little girl I raised went-terrible twos??? Try threes!!! I'm at a loss on what to do! I'm just hoping that this is a phase that will pass...soon!!