Thursday, November 20, 2008

No meds

Ok, so I weened off all meds and have been completely without them for about a week. So far, I can't sleep so I feel like crap during the day. I think if I could sleep I would be fine for the most part. I broke down and took melatonin a couple nights ago, it helped but I am lacking sleep so much that I was still groggy the whole next day. I am persisting though, we will see how I feel in another week. I'm hoping some of it is just withdrawals that will go away!

I am going to get more strict about my sleep hygiene, no caffeine after 5....snack before bed, consistent bedtime. I need to start practicing meditating/visualization again. I used to be really good about it and could get myself to sleep within a few minutes using it but I'm out of practice.

I haven't been using my low frequency massager much lately. For some reason if I use it more then 15 minutes now I get sore later. It didn't do that when I first bought it so not sure what is going on now. Also, it increases circulation so not a good idea before bed. Best in the morning to help me get going.

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