Saturday, January 10, 2009

Boxes and boxes and more boxes....

My house is so full!! The movers brought our stuff yesterday, which is awesome because I was really wanting my real bed back!! But it is such a tight squeeze in this house!! After moving all the furniture around several times we found a layout that works. Now we just have to actually unpack and get rid of the boxes!!!

I am also going to have to do a major sort and purge. We just have too much stuff, several moves and several houses worth of accumulation that we need to sort through. So I have lots to keep me busy the next few weeks!!!

On another topic....

Have I mentioned lately? This thing is so cool!! You can build mini webpages on whatever topic you want (think of it as a souped up blog) and then you get a portion of the ad revenue from your lense (page)es, or you can donate your portion to a charity of your choice.

I only have one lense so far but I made a list last night of ideas for more so I should have more soon!! I am learning as I go so it isn't a quick process but it is very easy (and I imagine quick once you get the hang of it!). Check out my "about me" lense here. Then start making your own!! If you do make a lense please let me know by commenting here so I can add you to my favorites!

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