Saturday, February 7, 2009


I know I haven't been blogging much. I'll tell you why....I have been feeling very negative lately. I really try to be a positive person and not one of those people who complain about everything, I'm really trying to be happy with and thankful for what I have instead of wanting a bunch of other "stuff." But the last few weeks I've just been finding that very hard-I won't go into why because I don't want to digress back into the complaining, negative mode. I just wanted to share why I haven't been writing-its to spare my readers from my grumpiness :).

But I'm starting to come out of it and feel much better in general. My living room is (slowly) starting to come together and the more stuff gets put away and the less clutter there is the bigger and more comfortable it looks, which makes me less stressed and happier! We got sod in our backyard (most of it) today and now it looks like a yard and there will be less dirt tracked into my house. We will hopefully be putting up a fence next weekend and my husband just went to get a swingset/playhouse for my daughter so our backyard is quickly becoming a very comfortable and inviting place. Now I just need to fix up my bedroom and start going through boxes to organize for a garage sale. Its still a lot of work but at least my main living areas are getting better!!!

All in all things are going well and I think we will be very comfortable here until the army decides to move us again! With any luck (effort) I'll find my camera soon and can post pictures of my house and yard.

Monday, February 2, 2009

THe SImple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY (2-2-09)...
Outside my window...its dreary
I am thinking...that my daughter will fall asleep soon!
I am thankful for...a lot of things
From the kitchen...I smell my biscuits cooking
I am wearing...jeans and a purple t-shirt
I am hoping...that I have more energy soon
Around the house...there is a mess

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