Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What the.......

Ok so I've been coming accross some pretty disturbing stuff going on in the political world and I just thought I should spread the word. So here are some links to things I think you need to be aware of, check out, research, form your own opinions about and then take some sort of action. I will add more as I come accross more.

parentalrights.org This group's main thing right now is fighting the UN's Convention on the Rights of the Child. Now children's rights sounds like a good cause but this treaty (which would create new laws in the US) is really taking away rights of parents and giving children a say that is beyond their maturity, experience or intelligence levels. I can't explain it as well as the site does you will have to read it for yourself but I highly recommend you do (especially if you have kids or plan to have them) as it will effect your rights as a parent.

This news story talks about a bill that would effect your rights to grow your own garden (even just for personal use), can your own food, or raise your own animals for food. This includes everyone even people only raising food for their personal and family use. Its NOT ok and you need to be aware of this encroachment on our rights. I haven't researched this bill as much as I usually do yet so I encourage you to do your own digging.

This story is probably one of the most disturbing I've seen. It is about plans to create a mandatory volunteer force (I know it doesn't make sense to me either). Basically under the bill (the way I understand it) anyone can be pressed into service for 3 years on this "volunteer force." It even talks about camps (using the word campus) where "volunteers" would be housed, trained etc. Its quite scary. When you finish the new story please read the actual bill here.

Ok people, I am really not a politically active person but this is serious and we need to take action. Even if you opinion is different then mine I think in these troubling times we all need to be aware of whats going on and involved.

Mental warfare

Do you ever feel like you are battling with yourself? I went off all my fibro meds before I got pregnant, this included an anxiety medication which helped with many aspects of the fibro. I did pretty well without medication-better then expected actually. But I'm starting to feel depressed again and struggling to stay positive and cheerful. (I don't know if this is due to being off the medication, the hormones or something else.) Its really difficult to explain and I don't think anyone who hasn't faced depression can really understand how much of a struggle it is. It literally feels like my mind is fighting with itself to "stay above water."

I can't remember where I heard that these types of issues can be the devil attacking you where you are most vulnerable, but that sounds like a pretty accurate assessment. I know there is plenty of ammo in that area of my life right now. I struggle with feeling like an inadequate mother, and and inadequate wife. I don't keep the house clean enough, I don't cook nice meals, I'm not patient enough with my daughter etc etc. I am also struggling with personal identity issues. "Stuff" happened about a year and a half ago that made me question my entire career choice and everything I've worked for over the last 8 years. Add to that my fibromyalgia issues that really became an issue around the same time that make me question if I would even physically be able to pursue that career path. I don't know anymore what my "calling" is, what I am meant to do etc. Some days I think that I am supposed to stay home with my kids for a while. Part of me likes that idea but part of me feels like I'm not "cut out" for that. I also feel guilty for not contributing to the family income, especially right now when we could really use a second paycheck.

All of this seems to be constantly going through my head. I'm not "good enough" at any of the things I'm doing. I no longer feel like I have a true identity, I don't have goals or dreams, I don't know what I want to do or who I want to be-or what I'm meant to be. It really makes me want to hide under the covers some days.

I don't write all this to give myself a pitty party. I write it to let others with similar struggles know they are not alone. I will be looking for resources for myself and my goal is to share them here! Hopefully I can find something that helps and share it so it helps someone else. I have heard about a book called Battlefields of the Mind, which sounds rather appropriate, when I get a copy and read it I'll post what I think. Feel free to make suggestions too!

Exciting news

Just in case you haven't heard we are expecting our second child in September. We have had an ultrasound and everything looks good so far. I am 13 weeks along-14 on thursday. Just wanted to make sure everyone knows!

Friday, March 13, 2009

A word about boredom

**** Update: I now have 3 children and bored is not a word in my vocabulary! :) Then again I also have found many ways to keep myself mentally stimulated and challenged (can anyone say homeschooling??).

I was reading somewhere a comment about how stay-at-home mom's don't get bored because there is always something to do. I disagree. I don't think being bored or not has anything to do with if there is something to do. Obviously those of us who stay home know there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done-dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning faces, baths, kids activities, cleaning rooms, making beds, cleaning bathrooms etc etc. And when all that is done, its time to do it again. Personally, I can have all this to do and still feel extremely bored! I think boredom is the lack of something mentally stimulating to do-not simply the lack of something to do. Now maybe some people find all these household tasks stimulating and fulfilling, if you do that's wonderful. Frankly I don't. And I'm bored. My boredom leads me to get less done around the house because I don't have the drive to do it. Ok so that is an excuse but its the way it is. Any suggestions on how I can be a stay-at-home mom and not get bored?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sick Child

My daughter is sick. She is so rarely sick that I think it makes it that much harder of both of us when she is. We went to the doctor this morning but he said he couldn't find anything wrong and that it was probably viral and would have to run its course. He also said her temp was normal even though it was over 99 taken under the arm-for Syd that is NOT normal. This kid never has a fever. She has had severe ear infections that I never knew about because she didn't ever run a fever. So for me if her temp is up at all I'm alarmed.

The poor thing has been laying around all day and when she isn't sleeping she has tears coming from her eyes because she is so uncomfortable. Also, her temp is over 101 now. I'm just praying she feels better soon and that I don't catch it.

I just had to vent my concern.

Simple woman's daybook

FOR TODAY (3-2-09)...
Outside my window...it is cold and windy but sunny
I am thinking...that I wish my daughter was feeling better
I am thankful for...so many things
From the learning rooms...we don't have a room but I'm getting materials more organized
From the kitchen...one day I will be more active here
I am wearing...a green and white striped shirt and khaki pants
I am creating...oh to be creating something again
I am going...crazy wishing my daughter wasn't ill
I am reading...nothing currently
I am hoping...that I don't get sick also
I am hearing...the TV
Around the house...there is still clutter

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