Monday, March 2, 2009

Sick Child

My daughter is sick. She is so rarely sick that I think it makes it that much harder of both of us when she is. We went to the doctor this morning but he said he couldn't find anything wrong and that it was probably viral and would have to run its course. He also said her temp was normal even though it was over 99 taken under the arm-for Syd that is NOT normal. This kid never has a fever. She has had severe ear infections that I never knew about because she didn't ever run a fever. So for me if her temp is up at all I'm alarmed.

The poor thing has been laying around all day and when she isn't sleeping she has tears coming from her eyes because she is so uncomfortable. Also, her temp is over 101 now. I'm just praying she feels better soon and that I don't catch it.

I just had to vent my concern.

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Jennifer McClain said...

My poor niece!! Auntie Jenn loves her!!