Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What the.......

Ok so I've been coming accross some pretty disturbing stuff going on in the political world and I just thought I should spread the word. So here are some links to things I think you need to be aware of, check out, research, form your own opinions about and then take some sort of action. I will add more as I come accross more.

parentalrights.org This group's main thing right now is fighting the UN's Convention on the Rights of the Child. Now children's rights sounds like a good cause but this treaty (which would create new laws in the US) is really taking away rights of parents and giving children a say that is beyond their maturity, experience or intelligence levels. I can't explain it as well as the site does you will have to read it for yourself but I highly recommend you do (especially if you have kids or plan to have them) as it will effect your rights as a parent.

This news story talks about a bill that would effect your rights to grow your own garden (even just for personal use), can your own food, or raise your own animals for food. This includes everyone even people only raising food for their personal and family use. Its NOT ok and you need to be aware of this encroachment on our rights. I haven't researched this bill as much as I usually do yet so I encourage you to do your own digging.

This story is probably one of the most disturbing I've seen. It is about plans to create a mandatory volunteer force (I know it doesn't make sense to me either). Basically under the bill (the way I understand it) anyone can be pressed into service for 3 years on this "volunteer force." It even talks about camps (using the word campus) where "volunteers" would be housed, trained etc. Its quite scary. When you finish the new story please read the actual bill here.

Ok people, I am really not a politically active person but this is serious and we need to take action. Even if you opinion is different then mine I think in these troubling times we all need to be aware of whats going on and involved.

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