Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm so excited!

I spend a big part of the day working on FRG stuff. I'm the new treasurer for our FRG (family readiness group for anyone who doesn't know), so today I picked up some paperwork and the money and met with my alternate treasurer and went to open a bank account. Then when I got home I got all my training material, info and certificates togather and organized into a notebook (which I'm sure is going to eventually expand into two or three different books) and made some copies of some stuff that the leader and FRSA need from me to take to the meeting tomorrow. Overall, I feel pretty productive.

I'm excited about this FRG, the new FRG leader has hit the ground running and has lots of plans. It looks like it could be the most active FRG I've ever been in. I'm not going to say there was anything wrong with the others but it will be nice to be part of one that does more then get the required info out, hopefully it will turn out to be an actual support and networking group where friendships can be made etc. I'm very positive about it at this point!

I've been doing a lot of research/training and getting some resources togather, I think I will eventually put togather a squidoo lens with family support resources-of course I'll let you know if/when I do!

I would normally post the daybook entry today but I don't see one posted yet so maybe she will get it up tonight and I can do it tomorrow, otherwise I guess I'll do one next week!