Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Enfagrow Chocolate, whose obsurd idea????

I just sent this e-mail to Enfamil because I think that its disgraceful that they are offering what amounts to fortified chocolate milk for one-year-olds. I know not everyone will agree that you shouldn't give chocolate milk to children so young but I think its a horrible start, if you agree with me I suggest you write something similar to them, maybe we can get them to pull it....children won't ask for the chocolate flavor if they don't know it exists but if they do they are very likely to refuse everything else!!!

You can see what I'm talking about here.

To whom it may concern,

I just saw that you are now making a Chocolate formula for toddlers. I'm very concerned about the fact that you are promoting giving chocolate/chocolate flavor to a child so young. Children this age should be learning to eat nutritious food not depending on a formula to make up for poor nutrition (obviously this is the parents responsibility to make sure they are eating a healthy balance diet). But even if parents think they need a formula to fill in the gaps they should not be feeding such a young child chocolate, obviously the child having something like this on a regular basis would make them more likely to ask for sweets, eat too many sweets, and refuse nutritious food when offered because they know they will get their "chocolate milk." I think giving parents this option is allowing/encouraging them to take the easy way out rather then be PARENTS and teach their children to eat well.

I have two children, one is still on infant formula the other is 4. We used formula with her until she was one and switched completely at that point to milk and nutritious meals and snacks. We never needed a supplement like this and she was never allowed to have chocolate (or strawberry or any other flavor milk) she drank regular white, whole milk, water or the occasional juice, and that is still what she drinks to this day. My child eats well willingly eating fruits and vegetables and rarely getting sweets, she will even turn down sweets she is not allowed to have. Teaching children to eat well is possible but not by offering them something like this from the beginning.

I have used your formula for both of my children (unfortunately I haven't been successful at nursing) because of your wonderful track record and company history but this makes me consider switching companies for my formula need as I just can't support parents being encouraged to give their children poor eating habits so early in life.

Sabrina Scheerer

I used their form on the website but email can be sent to: EnfamilResourceCenter@Enfa

Even if you don't/never plan to use formula if you think this is harmful please write!!!! People WILL buy it if its available and I believe WIC is allowing the Enfagrow and probably will allow this (can anyone confirm?)

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