Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm baaaaack.....

Hello.....anyone out there....???? Hope I have some readers left!

Wow...I haven't posted in...well...FOREVER!!! Sorry about that!

Ok I'm going to try to be more disciplined and actually blog on a regular!! I really want to write I just haven't found the time or motivation lately (and I'm open to suggestions on finding the motivation). Its not that I don't have anything to say...if you know me personally you know I'm rarely short of things to say, but for some reason as soon as I sit down and open blogger I go completely BLANK!!! Ok enough excuses :).

So in my effort to post more often (or at all lol) I am going to try to create some sort of schedule for are some of my topic ideas (all based on 'adventures' I'm currently on in my own life-most of which I'm by no means an expert on): giveaways, cloth diapers, homeschool, natural household products, saving money, cooking/meal planning, household organization, kids....I'm open to other suggestions!

These might be weekly (i.e. giveaway links on monday) or every other week, or monthly, I'm just not sure yet. I will probably try to do several McLinkys and maybe some carnivals too just to get me going (if you have one you think I would like please share!!).

I will try to do reviews on products I like (not sponsored reviews just my own suggestions) in hopes that some day I'll get the opportunity to do sponsored reviews.

In all this I'm going to be revamping my blog a bit, cleaning up links etc. I would LOVE to hear your suggestions on my layout.

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