Saturday, April 3, 2010


We have had a very busy past 6 months or so! I can't believe its already April!! (but I'm definitely NOT complaining!)

Sofia is just over 6 months old and is trying really hard to crawl. She weighed over 18lbs at her last checkup!! Unfortunately she is still not sleeping through the night :(. I just keep telling myself any day now she will!

Sydney is loving being a big sister and is a HUGE help to me. She has taken on so many chores without complaining at all and most of the time asks me what else she can do!

I haven't had time to do much else lately but take care of the girls and try to keep up with the house. We are a little over 1/4 the way through this deployment and keeping up with everything has definitely been a challenge. I feel like I'm just now starting to get to a place where I can get us back on some sort of routine/schedule and maybe start accomplishing more than the bare minimum. I have a list of things I want to accomplish during Dustin's upcoming R&R. I'm hoping that if I can't get things running smoother before that at least I can get systems in place then to help get us through the last part of this.

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