Thursday, July 29, 2010

Preserving the Bounty Challenge

I joined the Preserve the Bounty challenge at The Nourished Kitchen. Participants in the challenge will get info over the course of 5 weeks in August on traditional methods of preserving (instead of canning). The methods are sun-drying, oil curing, salt-curing, fermentation and freezing. I (as a participant) am supposed to try out each of these methods during that time. The plan is to post my experiences here :) (with pictures of course!!). Feel free to remind me!!

Why not just can stuff you ask? The short answer is that in most cases the high temperatures and/or long cooking times required for canning depletes most of the nutrients in your food. The methods above preserve the food for winter while also maintaining, or even enhancing (in the case of fermentation), the nutrients.

Want to join the challenge with me?? Click here to read about it and sign up!!


Gina said...

I'm going to check it out! Sounds like something that would interest me!

Love your new blog look!

Sabrina said...

Thanks Gina. I am learning a lot about cooking and nutrition that I need to write about here...have even thought of changing the name to "remedial homemaking" to document my "adventures" :).