Friday, August 6, 2010

About Kombucha

I have recently discovered kombucha, and I'm loving it! What is kombucha? The short answer is "fermented tea."

Kombucha is indeed a fermented tea but it is so much more. It’s a slightly carbonated beverage that is full of probiotics and healthy yeast. It’s easy and cheap to make and very good for you!

I started drinking kombucha to replace my Dr. Pepper habit, and it worked!! I can’t say for sure if it’s improving the way I feel but I have been able to stop drinking caffeine with less withdrawal effects than I normally deal with. I would even dare to say I have noticed a slight increase in my energy and stamina.

If you know me very well in real life you know that not drinking caffeine is a BIG DEAL! Over the last month I have only had a soda once in a while and not every day (down from drinking 3-4 a day). Kombucha is a very healthy replacement drink!

My first taste of kombucha was store bought Synergy Kombucha (which you can’t currently purchase do to a question about alcohol content). Shortly after that I started brewing my own. I think the home brew is MUCH better!! If you are wondering about the alcohol content let me just say, if there was an alcohol in my home brewed kombucha I would KNOW and I’m absolutely sure there isn’t!

I get asked all the time “what does it taste like.” That is an impossible question to answer because it doesn’t taste like anything else I’ve had so it’s hard to make a comparison. Each brew tastes slightly different and you can customize it in countless different ways resulting in many different tastes.

I do want to caution you: The first few days I drank kombucha I experienced a detox effect that was quite unpleasant. Keep in mind at that time I drank way too much soda and hardly any water. The way to avoid this is by only drinking a small amount (half a glass) your first couple days and slowly increasing the amount. I now drink about 3 glasses a day with no negative effects. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water.

Are you ready to start making your own kombucha now? Watch for my upcoming posts on how to make it:

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