Saturday, August 7, 2010

Baking Day

So I did a HUGE baking day on Wednesday. I learned a lot and had a little success!

This baking day was all about sourdough, everything (except for one) was made of sourdough, a very healthy option!

The plan was to make tortillas, english muffins, bread, bread bites and graham crackers (these were not made with sourdough).

Here is my helper for the day all ready to go!

Building up my "sponge"

Dough rising, the first is tortilla dough the second is english muffin dough:

Loaves rising:

The results (well some of them):

So, the loaves came out too flat, I'm not sure if I didn't let them rise long enough or if they fell in the oven. They were very very dense and chewy but the flavor was good so I'm not giving up yet! The tortillas were good but they weren't quite as flexible as they need to be, they broke when folded. The bread bites were good but too dry and the graham crackers were a complete flop. Luckily for my self-esteem the english muffins were great!

I'm not giving up, this was my first try at most of this but I did learn that I do NOT want to do a huge baking day again like this. It was absolutely exhausting and clean up was brutal. From now on I will make one thing when I need it!! It was definitely a learning experience. Oh and Sydney loved it!

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