Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eating better

I am making a huge effort to improve my families eating right now. We cut out all (well pretty much all) artificial color from our diet about a year ago, along with that went many, but not all, artificial flavors and preservatives. Well now we are going organic and focusing on whole foods while trying to eliminate processed foods. I'm learning as fast as I can (which doesn't feel like fast enough) but there are still a few hold outs. I have switched to real butter (organic if I can get it, I would buy raw if I found it), raw milk (not that easy to get), and many other things bought from farmer's markets instead of the grocery store.

One of the best resources for all of these changes is Nourishing Traditions. I haven't used many of the recipes but the information in the book and suggestions and guidelines for what to eat and what not to eat are wonderful! I highly suggest everyone own this!!

Another thing I'm doing is taking the e-courses from GNOWFGLINS.Its a wonderful course and provided on a pay-as-you-can basis. I highly suggest checking it out. She is currently offering a fundamentals e-course and a sourdough e-course. They are really great!

Learn the fundamentals of traditional 
cooking in a 14-lesson multi-media online class!Learn to cook with sourdough in an 
online, multi-media class!

I will start posting more about my adventures soon (including pictures I promise!!!).

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